Cadastral Surveys

Beacon relocations

Location of property beacons so that land owners may gain better understanding of the limits of their property.

Servitude surveys

Right-of-ways, water pipeline, overhead electric powerlines, substations or any other servitude required to be surveyed.


Rural farms, residential erven, township developments and consolidations.

Township establishment

Largescale subdivisions for the provision of establishing housing and creation of formalised townships.


Engineering Surveys


Generation of accurate digital representation of areas, surveyed in detail to match client’s requirements.

Electric Powerline

Specialised field of powerline surveys carried out for Eskom and consultants to Eskom.

Control Surveys

Establishment of accurate control networks for aerial photography and digital imagery.


Surveys for setting out and monitoring on infrastructure construction sites.



Proclamation Surveys

Surveys for proclamation purposes over special-use land parcels.

Development Planning

Development applications for the planning of development projects.